Beleggen voor Beginners As a New Catering Client

Chesapeake Traditions has been established in Maryland and from the start our company is embracing this state and it’s heritage. Our company loves to work with other companies within this area, because we believe in local support and businesses. This is why we always get very excited when companies in Maryland reach out to us in order to request one of our services. Beleggen voor beginners is an official Dutch company, who recently moved to Maryland in order to expand their business. The company is build up from a team of Americans with a big heart of our American country. While setting up the office, Beleggen voor beginners wanted to organize a grand office opening and were looking for a caterer like us to arrange a healthy and local catering.

Chesapeake Traditions has a long term experience within the catering and we could actually use this experience for the upcoming opening. There is one particular bite with our product that always ends up in a great success: our famous crabcakes. For this opening, we decided to bake the cakes in a huge amount as the main bite of the evening. The office of Beleggen voor Beginners contains about 100 employees, so we made a batch of 500 cakes. The Maryland Style Crab Cake is a traditional dish, transformed in to a small bite. Maryland is well known for their crab meat and this became an opportunity for us to show it to the new office.

Although the crab cakes aren’t very difficult to create, the amount of ingredients are really something else. The preparation however is very easy and that makes the batch very realistic. Besides our famous crab cakes, we decided to make a crab soup, a salad made out of crab and pistachio and a delicious cocktail made out of crab. We are not only known for our catering services, but also for the decoration and styling services that comes along. While setting up your catering table, we also are making sure that the dishes will fit the theme. We have a lot of crab props and other sea-related decoration items, which will be placed on the tables. Chesapeake Traditions believes a good service should be balanced with everything around.

The opening of Beleggen voor Beginners was a great party and the event was crowded. The crab cakes were the most wanted bites, together with the soup amuse. Both of the small dishes were easy to eat without any cutlery, which was very pleasant for the guests. The decoration really fitted the entire surrounding and we could see that the guests really liked the effort. Unfortunately, we made too much salad in comparison with the amount of guest. However, this was great news for the staff of Chesapeake Traditions. They were allowed to take some of the salad after the party was finished. Beleggen voor Beginners already announced their second staff party and asked us for the same catering. This means the catering was a huge success and that is what our company is always aims for.