Dutch event Grabalicious by slot provider Gokautomaat Ltd

After slot machine developer Gokautomaat Ltd created a new slot called Grabalicious for online casinos, which evolves around grabbing crabs, it was only natural that the company would host a crab related event. This because the slot machine company is known to throw extravagant parties after every one of their new slot machine release. They say it brings them luck and so far this has proven to be true. Every one of their slot games has been a big hit and it seems like Grabalicious is going in the same direction. So maybe there’ll be a reason to celebrate once more in the future. Perhaps with the most successful online casinos. It might be worth mentioning that Gokautomaat Ltd is not only a fan favorite, but also an online casino favorite. And with these parties, the popularity of the company with online casinos can only grow further. The biggest flagship of Gokautomaat Ltd is NLG.

Grabalicious, the slot machine

This is not just any slot machine. It doesn’t have rolls, instead it has hooks. With these hooks you can grab the tasty looking crabs that will create a meal. Every crab represents a different meal and if you are able to grab three identical crabs in a row, you win the prize that corresponds to the relevant meal. The prizes start at €50 and go up to €50.000. Taking into consideration that you can bet 10 cents to €20 a spin on this slot machine, these are quite nice prizes. And the RTP is not bad either, at 98%. Just to illustrate, this RTP is quite high for a slot machine, as in online casinos it usually ranges from 96% to 97,7%. Another difference is that slot machines in online casinos usually consist of 5 rolls with 3 rows each that have symbols on them. If you get three or more of the same symbols on the same payline, you win a prize. Usually the prizes start low, at about 20 cents, but they have no limits as to how high they can go. Especially when you are playing on jackpot slots, which you can find in practically every online casino nowadays. But of course, to win the best prizes, you have to bet more money. A good example of this type of slot machines is Gamba Mamba, also by Gokautomaat Ltd.

gokautomaat BVBA NLG

The event

As the event had to involve a lot of crab, Chesapeke Traditions was the best partner to take care of the catering needs. Especially since we had been hired to cater for parties of online casinos before. Besides our famous crab soup and salads, we also brought some custom made snacks / activities. All based on the famous slot machine, of course. Three of them involved grabbing crabs. The first one, called Crab Bites, was a game where the players needed to grab crabs with their teeth. Only the first player who got three of the same crabs, won a prize. The second game, called Who’s the crab?, was more intellectual. Ten players had to sit in a circle. They all were assigned an alias, but only one was the crab. While eating crab soup, they found little clues. The first one to guess who the crab was, won. And for the last game, this was called Crabalicious and, like in the game revolved around grabbing the right crab with a hook. Just like in an online casino. Other than these fun and foodie activities, there was a band called Crab Cake that played songs from the 80’s and 90`s until the wee hours of the night. It was an event to never forget.

The public

Surprisingly enough, the event wasn’t limited to Gokautomaat Ltd employees. As it took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the company decided that it would be nice to invite some partners as well. These mainly consisted of online casino representatives that had some interest in new slot releases. Before, all their launch parties had been employee only and these had gotten quite notorious. So there was a bit of worry when the management told everyone that the biggest online casino partners in terms of slot machine revenue would also join. Nobody knew that these people partied just as hard and maybe even harder than the actual employees. Well, they should have known as some online casinos are quite notorious for their parties as well. One of the partners got so drunk, he smashed the physical Grabalicious slot machine that had been created in honour of this party instead of for online casino use. But the important thing is that everybody had fun.

The recipes

After the event we have gotten a lot of requests to share the recipes that we used for this event. We usually don’t do this as we want to keep a competitive edge. As you can imagine, our business, like the online casino business, is not an easy one. And we need to put in all our efforts to keep our company secrets safe. But we can tell you one thing; the main ingredient was crab. And a bit of love, because with love everything tastes better.